Window Cleaning & Power Washing

A partner you can trust to maintain the integrity and appearance of your building

Preserve the value of your building

Receive a detailed facade status report with each service - for peace of mind

Maintain a clean building and peace of mind through PIERCE360 assessments

 Your partner to preserve the surfaces – and views – in your building.

Cleaning your building’s surfaces does more than just improve its appearance, it protects them from future damage. But it’s critical that the window cleaning and surface power washing be done correctly. The correct pressure, water temperature, equipment, and cleaning products must be used to avoid damage of facades, sidewalks, and glass.

Our team has the tools, expertise, and experience to clean surfaces safely and thoroughly, restoring beauty and value to your property while also preventing future damage.

PIERCE is passionate about providing the safest environment for our teams, removing the burden of risk from our clients.

Going the extra mile

More than just window cleaning & power washing

Included in every service is PIERCE360. With it, you’ll receive a detailed report of the condition of your building’s exterior. No guesswork. No estimates. Transparent, helpful data just for you.

What you get when you hire PIERCE for Window Cleaning and Power Washing


We restore beauty and value to the exterior of your building, parking garage or other


We eliminate mold, mildew, algae, dirt, oil, stains and discoloration


We choose the right pressure, water temperature, equipment and cleaning products to avoid damage to porous or delicate surface materials

safe and secure

Our technicians are trained according to the latest industry standards and regulations specific to their focus to ensure they are safe while on the job and your services are up to code. While on your property, they are also a keen eye for areas of the building that are a potential threat, which will be reported following the service.

PIERCE is prepared to help you protect your tenants and reduce your property liability by maintaining the beauty and value of your building's exterior.

We can help you plan for future capital projects.

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