Snow & Ice Management
Snow & Ice Management
Snow & Ice Management


One of the best parts of winter is the scenic views that snowfall can bring. Snow can be beautiful, and a sight to behold with family and friends. As nice as snow can be, when it accumulates to cover our sidewalks, lawns, backyards, parking, curbs, etc., it creates problems for all of us. Excessive snowfall can create a lot of challenges like dangerous roads, inaccessible walkways, and hazardous conditions.

When winter comes, there is often a lot of snow on roofs, in driveways or on sidewalks that can prevents people from going about their daily routines. The heavy snowfall makes it difficult for the people to remove it without proper equipment. For residents and businesses in Southern New England, Pierce Property Services is proud to offer our professional snow & ice removal services.

Snow & Ice Management

Our snow removal services make it easier for you to go about your life. We remove snow in a very efficient manner and take care of your surroundings. Snow removal mainly helps in keeping the driveways clear and maintaining clear roads and highways, so that you can continue your work.

If you have a sidewalk, it’s important to make sure they are clear of ice. If they are not, you can find yourself, or someone from the neighborhood, in the emergency room tending to a broken wrist or putting stitches in their head from a fall. Not only are icy sidewalks dangerous, it’s also illegal in some communities. You may get ticketed and have to pay a fine if you don’t keep your sidewalk clear of ice, or be liable for the injuries of pedestrians. 

Don’t take that risk, contact or call Pierce Property Services today for our snow removal services. 




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