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We are industry experts.

We provide photos and hard evidence with repair recommendations.

We offer safe and professional service backed by a labor warranty.

We VALUE our relationship with you and are grateful that you trust in us.

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PIERCE was built on a simple “can-do!” attitude, and that’s been our philosophy for more than ten years. From the beginning, our priority has been to be a true partner, always here to help.

Our unique success is attributed to the value that we place on people and relationships, both with our clients and our fellow team members. At the very core of what we do is a desire to serve people and make an impact for good. We set out every day to solve problems for our clients and inspire our team to fulfill their greatest potential in their profession and personal life.

We started our journey as a window cleaning and power-washing company, and we quickly evolved into much more than that. Time and again, we were asked by our clients “while you’re up there, can you…” They relied on our unique access to their buildings for cleaning, repairs, and most importantly, information.

This is our differentiator: we provide you with the crucial information you need to make confident, informed decisions about your building. We don’t clean or repair your building and walk away. PIERCE Property Services takes care of the issues you’re aware of and helps you look out for potential challenges on the horizon, all as a value-add to our  maintenance service.

We provide a comprehensive report with objective information that will help you build thorough both short and long-term plans to maintain your building’s beauty and value.

Schedule a site visit today, get to know us, and let PIERCE guide you through a more proactive approach to navigating your building’s exterior life-cycle.

Our team

Zach Blanch

Project Development Representative

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Cesar Chicas

Lead Foreman

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Gerard Colome

Account Manager

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Anton Da Silva

Estimator and Assistant Project Manager

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Sean Davis

Senior Director of Waterproofing and Restoration

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John Frigon

Senior Project Manager

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Reynaldo Iraheta

Assistant Director of Facade Maintenance

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Cam Kinnally

Director of Administration

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Luis Lovato

Director of Window Cleaning

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Andrew Musto

Chief Strategy Officer and Partner

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Matt Pierce

Founder and CEO

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Kyle Pierce

Co-founder, Partner and Vice President of Business Development

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Jeison Restrepo

Account Manager

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Abi Santos

Director of Safety and Maintenance Operations

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Erik Simard

Chief Operating Officer and Partner

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Kyle Urquhart

Director of Account Management

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Theresa Walsh

Director of Finance

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Madison Warwick

PIERCE360 Associate

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