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Restore the structural integrity of your building.

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Expert Craftsmen maintain the original beauty of your building

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Time and exposure to the elements takes a toll. It can be hard to know who to trust with the restoration of your building’s exterior.

At PIERCE, we can restore, maintain and preserve your glass, metal, stone, brick or concrete surfaces. And, with PIERCE360, we’ll keep a close eye on everything unseen so that there are no surprises in the future.

Going the extra mile

More than just facade restoration

We know it’s nearly impossible to keep tabs on every square inch of your building’s envelope. That’s why while we’re at your property, we’ll perform our PIERCE360 check to help you anticipate future maintenance before an issue arises. You can stay abreast of these updates at all times with PIERCE360.

Project Profile

Balcony Concrete Repairs

Commonwealth Avenue, Boston


Their Problem

The concrete balconies of this downtown condo were cracking in the corners where the railings joined the concrete, a huge safety concern for the residents.

Prior to working with PIERCE, the manager worked with the condo owners on getting remedial repairs done–sealing the cracks. However, these repairs failed and the concrete continued to separate from the slab from continued water penetration.

Our Solution

Our team has seen this type of problem in the past. We have witnessed something go from a small crack in the concrete that is a small repair (and small cost), to a full failure of the concrete structure, leading to a significant project (with significant cost). We felt it was our obligation to our client to ensure that their building remains safe. We knew they needed to make this repair before something tragic happened.

We use our industry experience and objective evidence about what is happening to their building, both on the surface and within to provide the right solution for their problem. The Management Company used the information we shared with them to get the condo owners on board with the repairs. The owners collectively agreed that the work had to be completed quickly.

We are the building envelope experts on their side – advising them on the repairs that need done AND getting it done for them. For 566 Commonwealth Avenue, this included:

  • Concrete Repairs and Restoration for 33 balconies.
  • Removing compromised sections of concrete, cleaning the surface, coating exposed rebar, prepping the surfaces, and framing out new concrete forms.
  • Smaller cracks were caulked with silicone and the railing base was also caulked to prevent water penetration and future deterioration.

PIERCE’s work protected the building managers and condo owners from the potential liability of a balcony collapsing or a piece of concrete separating from the building and falling onto the ground. It also prevented the need for much larger and higher-cost repairs down the road. Everyone had peace-of-mind when the project was completed.

We can restore, maintain, and preserve exterior glass, metal, stone, brick, or concrete exteriors.

Historic or modern, we’ve got your building covered.

Plus, our professionals will do the PIERCE360 inspection to identify any issues and address them before they become big or expensive. Then, we’ll set up a recurring inspection schedule to keep your building worry-free.

We’ll help you with:


Masonry restoration


Metal Restoration


Historical Restoration


Stone Restoration


Concrete Repairs & Restoration


EFIS Restoration


Stucco restoration




Graffiti Removal


Balcony Repairs

safe and secure

Our technicians are trained according to the latest industry standards and regulations specific to their focus to ensure they are safe while on the job and your services are up to code. While on your property, they are also a keen eye for areas of the building that are a potential threat, which will be reported following the service.

PIERCE is prepared to help you protect your tenants and reduce your property liability by maintaining the beauty and value of your building's exterior.

For facade Waterproofing, look no further.

PIERCE Waterproofing

Caulking and Expansion Joints
Slurry Wall Injections
Leak Detection & Remediation
Coatings & Sealants

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