Finally, you can be face-to-face with every inch of your facade WITHOUT hanging off the side of your building – using our PIERCE360 platform.

Stop leaks before they enter your tenant’s space.

Accurately budget for maintenance, cap-ex projects, and major repairs.

Gain insight into your building’s health like never before.

You can’t see everything.

You are great at inspecting the interior of your building, but you can only inspect the ground level of your building facade. With PIERCE360, we give you the views you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. We help you get ahead of issues before they become worse and more expensive to repair. No surprises.

What you can expect with PIERCE360

While PIERCE performs your window, facade or garage cleaning, our technicians have unparalleled access to your building facade — we’re able to see what no one else can see.

During the service, our trained PIERCE360 technicians will use our proprietary technology to provide location-specific data and images of potential problem areas on your building. We’ll document any failed caulking, deteriorated mortar joints, spalling masonry or concrete, and any safety hazard we find.

At the end of the scheduled service, you’ll gain access to your PIERCE360 portal and report where you can review our findings, recommendations, and request budget numbers and scopes. 

PIERCE360 is provided to you as a value-add to your maintenance service. We hope that you’ll use it as a tool for capital planning and general maintenance needs. We are here to be your partner in maintaining and preserving your portfolio for years to come. 

Dynamic Building Reports

PIERCE360 provides dynamic reports on the condition of buildings you own or manage. Our reports detail observations made by our field technicians, good or bad, and make that information easily accessible to you. We use our unique tools to capture georeferenced photos in the field, classify issue types and severities and make recommendations. PIERCE360 gives you the information you need to make smarter decisions about your building

Interactive Mapping

PIERCE360 leverages industry-leading geographic information systems technology. We don’t simply tell you that you have a caulking problem. We show you where you have a caulking problem using interactive maps, georeferenced photos and 3D building models. Our location-based reports make it easy for you to understand exactly what is going on with your building.

Professional Recommendations

PIERCE360 reports are created and curated by professionals in the property management industry. Our experts assess issues observed in the field, document them, and provide recommendations on how to best address them. With PIERCE360, you can rest easy knowing that you have an award-winning property management company on your side.