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Humane Solutions for Bird Control

The beauty and value of your property suffers when its facade is damaged by bird related debris and droppings. Not just aesthetics, but your company image is damaged by bird infestations.  Tenants and visitors alike are taken back by bird damage and the nuisance created.  The range of damage can extend to health issues for your staff and tenants. It is critical to protect your property’s beauty, function and value by removing bird damage and taking measures to control the problem moving forward. 

Gutter Cleaning & Repair

Rain gutters are critical to protecting your property. Water allowed to run off roofs without gutters to channel it properly, causes costly damage to exterior walls and foundations. Damage caused can include discoloring streaks, rapid and severe deterioration of wood siding and frames, and an invitation to wood damaging insects. Soil around foundations can be eroded, exposing it to damage and weakening its supporting strength. Water can also invade interior spaces damaging the foundation and property inside. Proper, regular cleaning and maintenance of gutters protects your property against water damage.

High Access Cleaning & Repair

As a property owner or manager, you probably often find that you have unique and difficult areas to clean or repair due to height or difficult access. These areas can include skylights, chandeliers, atriums, stairs, high ceilings, domes, elevator shafts and more. Ignoring a problem can not only damage the property, but also your business and reputation. Our professional technicians are highly trained to work at all heights and hard-to-reach places. We can reach any height with our specialized equipment and expertise.  We service hospitals, museums, hotels and more that have high access cleaning & repair needs.




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