Waterproofing & Restoration
Waterproofing & Restoration
Waterproofing & Restoration
Waterproofing & Restoration

Waterproofing & Caulking

A common threat to the beauty and value of your buildings, parking garages and flat surfaces is damage caused by water intrusion due to poor caulking and sealing. Damage can come from failed caulking and sealing in control joints, expansion joints, window flashing and window glazing. Before you know it, water can pool behind walls, in between floors, and in other unseen places, resulting in building damages and financial losses that take focus away from your business. We pride ourself as the best waterproofing & caulking contractors New England has to offer, and our waterproofing & caulking services will maintain your building for your employees and clients for years to come.

“Professional work from start to finish. Their detailed proposal was thoughtful, thorough and made my job easy. A pleasure to work with!”

– Property Manager, Barkan Management Company, Inc.

Building Inspection & Restoration

Whether your property is historic, traditional or contemporary, restoring, maintaining and protecting its facade from the deteriorating effects of moisture, pollutants or inferior materials is critical to preserving its beauty and value. Just as important, is preserving your investment.

The facade of the building consists of any surface on the exterior envelope. We can restore, maintain and preserve the your glass, metal, stone, brick or concrete surfaces and make the property shine as it was intended! Regular inspection and preventative maintenance of your property’s exterior envelope can identify issues and solve them before they become big, expensive, or even unrepairable, problems. Contact or call us today, and rest easy knowing exactly what care your building needs. 




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