Spring Kick-off: Guide to Success

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All of us in the facility and property management world know that the spring season is more a “feeling” than a date on the calendar. As the weather improves, we know it’s time to start our kick-off scopes of work for all the facility and building assets in our portfolio. In many ways, 2020’s kick-off feeling has never been stronger as we approach re-opening in the next couple of weeks!

Best practices for your building envelope for the spring kick-off include several must-haves for proper building maintenance and aesthetics for your customers and tenants:

Garage Cleaning. Now is the time to ensure your garage surfaces are clear of salt, sand, leaves and other debris. Build up during the winter months has been exacerbated by limited vehicle volume. Now is the time to ensure your valuable garage surface assets are properly cleaned and maintained. Learn more about our Garage Maintenance services here.

Window & Façade Cleaning. Rain, snow, and ice melt run down the glass and façade of a building, drying on the glass along the way, leaving unsightly streaks and dirt. Now is the time to maintain your glass and façade surface from staining. Also, after several months of inactivity, it is critical to ensure anchors are inspected and building access points are in good condition. Learn more about our Window & Façade Maintenance services here.

Dryer Vent Cleaning. An often-ignored element of the spring kick-off for residential buildings is the dryer vent! These annual services are critical to ensure proper air flow and functioning of the dryer systems, as well as avoiding potential fire hazards. These services can be packaged with the windows and façade cleaning as well. Learn more about our Dryer Vent & Other Specialty Services here.

Full-Site Powerwashing. The spring refresh also includes ensuring the entire property has been cleaned of debris, moss, stains, and other elements that have collected since the fall. Now is the time to ensure your whole site has the refresh your tenants, residents, and/or guests are expecting. Learn more about our Powerwashing services here.

All-in-all, every property has a different approach to spring kick-off. But one theme consistently holds true: customers, tenants, guests, and residents expect a fresh look coming into the spring. And the appearance of the building’s envelope and exterior is a critical component to first impressions.

Contact us today to receive a free assessment and customized menu of Spring Kick-off options to meet your budget and exceed everyone’s expectations!

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