Mid-Summer Waterproofing Status Check

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Summer in New England brings beautiful weather and relaxing beach days, but along with the pleasures of summer also come occasional days above 100 degrees and intense thunderstorms; two factors that can cause significant impact to the condition of your building’s caulking and waterproofing systems. A proactive approach in managing these issues always translates into significant cost-savings down the road, especially when avoiding costly water-caused damage.


Don’t fall into the trap of cutting out preventive maintenance altogether! Selectively prioritize work needs from a maintenance-minded contractor’s perspective. Many waterproofing and restoration providers are focused solely on the large-scale replacement capital project. PIERCE teams are uniquely positioned with the resources and expertise to handle any size caulking, waterproofing, or restoration project with nimble, maintenance-minded crews able to help correct any issue: large or small.

Keeping your eyes on the caulking

It starts with regular inspection. Our roots in high-rise window cleaning have made the PIERCE team building-access experts. Being able to assess the caulking and waterproofing needs of your building and/or garage first-hand allows our teams to make appropriate, practical recommendations for your needs; not simply by proposing unnecessary replacements, but truly providing recommendations suited for the unique timing of your building or garage’s life-cycle.

Prevent headaches with preventive maintenance

In a year where historically-based budgets are no longer sufficient, added information and hands-on recommendations equip you with solid data to distinguish between essential and non-essential repairs. Being able to address the necessary components now and also understand what issues can be deferred (for a clear understanding of future needs) means that we are always making progress and taking action against deterioration and potential damage.

Phasing capital projects

When it comes time for capital projects for waterproofing, caulking, or garage coatings, a planned approach is key to success. Projects do not need to be approached as “all-or-nothing”. Phasing these projects over multiple years will allow for prudent cash-flow management of the total project cost and reduced down-times.  For instance, planning a garage project over a three-year period will allow for the entire garage’s repair needs to be addressed annually while mixing the mobilization costs of those repairs into the phased capital project cost.

PIERCE has been working with clients to break overwhelming restoration projects down into phases. In uncertain times especially, working with a provider who is willing to access and assess, provide feedback, and troubleshoot and prioritize waterproofing has been a recipe for success for many of our satisfied clients.

COVID-19 Response: Getting back to work… Safely!

Hope this letter finds you and your loved ones Healthy & Safe. As a client & friend in the Commercial Real Estate Industry, I felt it was important for me to address my contacts during this difficult time. We are all doing our best to navigate this COVID-19 issue and are taking actions to pivot our businesses to handle the changing “norms” of business and property operation.

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