Garage Maintenance & Restoration
Garage Maintenance & Restoration

Garage maintenance & Restoration

When it comes to building maintenance & cleaning, one of the most neglected assets are parking garages. PIERCE Property Services specializes in Garage Maintenance, from Maintenance Cleaning Programs to Restoration and capital budget waterproofing projects. 

Since parking garages are an enclosed structure, a common misconception is that garages do not require the same level of maintenance as an open structure like surface lots, building facades, or sidewalks. However, as small rocks, dirt, sand, and salt from the winter months accumulate on a parking garage surface, these materials cause the asphalt or concrete surface to break down. For most commercial properties, the garage is the FIRST and LAST impression of the property to clients, tenants, and guests. A garage is a major asset that should be maintained and preserved (just like a building) in order to prevent costly restoration or replacement projects. PIERCE can provide free inspections and budget analyses, which include multi-year Maintenance/Capital budget programs.

When a parking garage receives routine parking garage power washing from PIERCE Property Services, the first impression is guaranteed to be one of a professional and well-maintained property to  clients, employees, and everyone using that parking garage.

Do you have a parking garage or parking lot in need of maintenance and cleaning? Do you have a question regarding the state of your parking garage? Contact PIERCE Property Services at (781)-491-0606 for a free estimate today!


“It’s been a pleasure working with the Pierce Property Services team for power washing services, caulking and window cleaning. We appreciate their partnership in maintaining the exterior envelope of our properties and always find them to be responsive, reliable and competitively priced.”

– Senior Property Manager, National Development




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Abi Santos

Abi Santos is the Director of Window Cleaning and Safety Director at PIERCE. He is responsible for overseeing the entire team of window cleaning technicians, while also hosting weekly safety meetings and ensuring all jobs are performed according to OSHA regulations.

Abi got his start in this industry 16 years ago, where he has gone from working at a janitorial company, to cleaning windows for Fish Window Cleaning, to now being an access specialist and a key part of the company’s success and growth.

He loves how every day is different at PIERCE. Abi is constantly traveling around the city and meeting new people. He loves being a leader to all of the technicians that he works with.

He has five children and one grandson. Outside of work, Abi enjoys fishing and gardening.

Gerard Colome

Gerard Colome is PIERCE’s Schedule Manager, working tirelessly to schedule the technicians, lifts, permits, all while accommodating each property’s unique needs. He is the first point of contact for all window cleaning jobs, so he is an invaluable member of the team.

Since he joined PIERCE in 2015, he has helped take the window cleaning division to a new level of service by improving scheduling systems and maintaining clear communication with clients throughout the scheduling process.

Gerard got his start in the building industry when he studied Mechanical Engineering and Project Management at UMass Lowell. He was drawn to this industry because of his interest in business, problem solving, and customer service.

Gerard is originally from Puerto Rico and visits his home island any chance he can get. He now lives in Arlington with his girlfriend and their cat Chai. He loves recording music, listening to hip hop, taking pictures and spending time with his family.

Kate Robert

Kate Roberts is the Director of PIERCE360 at PIERCE Property Services. She is the founding Director of PIERCE360, a division dedicated entirely to providing comprehensive information about the health of a building’s exterior to clients as a value-add service.

She earned her Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation & Building Stewardship from Boston University, where she gained knowledge on how and why buildings need to be protected and maintained. She combines this education with her 10+ years of experience in the Boston real estate market to provide clients with unparalleled information and solutions for their buildings.

Kate sees her clients as partners with a shared goal: extending the life of Boston’s architectural landscape. She makes strong connections with people both professionally and personally, which means she fits right into the company culture at PIERCE.

Kate’s life-long love of historic buildings brought her to Boston, where she has grown to love the sites, the sounds (specifically the accent), and especially the people. Outside of work, she spends time restoring her Victorian house in Melrose, chasing her twins Dean and Charlotte, and hanging out with her beloved group of friends

Cam Kinnally

Cam Kinnally is the Director of Administration at PIERCE Property Services. Her work focuses on streamlining many of the company’s operational and administrative processes, from marketing strategies to job scheduling to invoicing. While much of her work revolves around the internal operations of the company, she loves connecting directly with the clients and colleagues on all levels.

She is a proud graduate of Tufts University, where she gained her passion for organization and problem solving. She values generosity, efficiency, and creativity and tries to create a welcoming and productive workplace for all PIERCE employees.

Cam is a Massachusetts native and lives in Newbury with her husband. She is known for her cooking and baking skills, which she generously extends to not just her friends but to the entire PIERCE team. Her free time is spent hosting dinner parties for friends and going to bootcamp and spin classes.

Reynaldo Iraheta

Reynaldo Iraheta is PIERCE’s Lead Supervisor of Window Cleaning Operations, where he is in charge of managing the technicians while they are on the field, ensuring that they provide a top-quality service.

He got his start in this industry as a window cleaner himself. Through his technical skills, knowledge, and leadership skills, he worked his way up to this supervisory role and is one of the most important members of the PIERCE team. He is proud to train and supervise all of the technicians, sharing his experience and helping them to be the best at what they do.

Reynaldo lives in Chelsea with his wife and their three children. He spends his days off fishing, playing with his kids, and playing video games.

Steve Dowdy

Steve Dowdy serves as Senior Director at PIERCE, wearing several different hats at once. He leads the Garage Services division, guiding clients through the process of maintaining, repairing, and restoring their parking structures. He also leads the Snow Removal division, commanding and dispatching the enormous crew of technicians all over Greater Boston. Steve is a key player in the sales and project management of PIERCE.

He got his start in law enforcement and facility operations for University of Northern Colorado. It was his experience there that brought him to SP+, the country’s largest parking manager. He proudly managed the parking structure maintenance for all of their garages in New England, where he gained his extensive knowledge of all aspects of the business. His passion for educating clients on the importance of maintenance and restoration clearly shows in every meeting and phone call he takes, where he is eager to share his knowledge and help them find the best path forward.

Steve lives in Swampscott with his wife, daughter and son. He is originally from Colorado, where he learned to love brewing beer, smoking meats, and longboarding.

Mike Smyth

Mike Smyth is the Director of Waterproofing for PIERCE Property Services, where he works with his crew on managing waterproofing jobs from start to finish. He is also responsible for scoping waterproofing proposals and job estimates.

He proudly built the waterproofing division at PIERCE from the ground up, using his decades of experience. Mike came to the US from Ireland in the 1980s and began his career as a bricklayer. From there, he worked his way up from laborer to manager to director.

Mike is driven by his determination to provide the best quality work in the Boston area. He believes in providing customers with the first-class treatment he has received himself while working with the PIERCE team.

Outside of the office and job site, he enjoys spending time with his two adult sons as well as woodworking, playing soccer, kayaking, and reading everything he can get his hands on.

Kyle Pierce

Kyle Pierce is the Vice President and co-founder of PIERCE Property Services. He is responsible for overseeing all business development and sales efforts for all of the PIERCE divisions. Between site visits, building proposals, and managing the communications with clients, Kyle has his hands in all aspects of the business.

Kyle proudly got his start hanging on the side of the buildings alongside fellow technicians, handling all of the tools of the trade and gaining an unmatchable perspective on the physical work required of this trade.

Coming from a big family and faithful parents, Kyle was raised to treat people with acceptance and respect. This has been a focus of his while growing the business and his partnership with clients. Together with Matt, he has help establish the company culture to prioritize listening to the clients and putting their needs and interests first.

Kyle lives in Woburn with his beautiful wife, newborn son, and their labradoodle Benny. His lifelong love of basketball has led him to coaching the Lexington High School basketball program for nearly 10 years. He ran the Boston Marathon for the West End House Boys and Girls Club, Boston’s premier youth development organization.

Erik Simard

Erik Simard is the Chief Operating Officer and a Partner at PIERCE Property Services. His goal is to sustain growth and surpass expectations in all divisions of the company, focusing on the operation and overall client experience.

 He proudly served as Vice President of a janitorial and building maintenance company for 15 years prior to joining PIERCE where he was responsible for over 250 employees. Since he joined PIERCE, the company has seen an over 400% (and counting) growth in volume.

He entered the building maintenance industry because of his passion for managing and mentoring as well as increasing operational efficiencies.

Erik lives in Melrose with his wife and his two daughters, who amaze him every day with their strength, intellect, and independence. Outside of work, he is an avid tennis player and enjoys spending time with his rowdy group of friends.

Matt Pierce

Matt Pierce is the founder and CEO of PIERCE Property Services. Focusing on building a business centered around people and culture, Matt’s primary focus from day one has been to create a unified team to accomplish great things in service of his clients and teammates.

His passion for building services can be traced back to his days partnering with his father, industry legend Paul Pierce, to build the largest residential window cleaning franchise in the country, Fish Window Cleaning. Using his business degree from Umass Boston combined with his competitive spirit from years of sports, he has always enjoyed the pursuit of success in the game of business. Initially seizing a strategic opportunity in the commercial window cleaning market, Matt launched PIERCE Property Services with his brother Kyle in 2013 and quickly expanded to service the entire exterior building envelope.

When Matt started in the building envelope maintenance business, his priority was to fulfill the customers’ need to keep their buildings looking great. Fast forward to today, having completed tens of millions of dollars of façade and garage restorations, his perspective on the importance of PIERCE’s services has matured. He now sees his role as an educator to his clients in the importance of proper building maintenance not just for the aesthetics, but for the health of the building structure and ultimately contributing to the safety of its occupants.

Outside of the office, Matt is committed to helping others in multiple leadership roles in church. He happily takes clients, coworkers, family members and friends to the golf course, doing what he loves the most: making connections….and playing golf (just ask). Matt lives in Winchester with his wife, two daughters and son, and he prioritizes spending time with them and his large extended family.